Ad Campaigns that build you an audience and bring leads directly to your inbox

  • Landing Pages that turn traffic into leads
  • Creative Ad Copy that creates an itch to buy
  • Highly Targeted Traffic based on demographics
  • A/B Testing to improve the conversion rates
  • Transparent Reporting

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You have got to be where your audience spends most of their time

Facebook has 1.82 billion daily active users. 74% of the users visit Facebook at least once every day. Those are some staggering numbers. Also, Facebook is still seeing a very consistent growth which offers a great chance to connect with your target audience.

If Facebook advertising is so effective why isn’t everyone doing it? The answer is that they either tried doing it on their own and it did not work out or they never even tried it as they thought it was too expensive. We hear from business owners all the time about the struggle to tap into this huge pool of ROI. So does that mean social media is not for you? We disagree. With a well thought out strategy from our experts you will see a great ROI. When we say growth we are not talking about likes and comments, we mean just one thing – Leads and Sales.

Highly Targeted advertising to ensure that your ads reach your ideal customer

We take the time to discuss with you and understand what your ideal customer looks like. Based on the information provided by you and our own research we target users by the right location, age, demographic, gender, behavior, connections, and interests.

As we continue to run ads, based on the reports the picture of the ideal customer becomes clearer and the conversions increase as well.

Beautiful landing pages built with only one thing in mind - Conversions

Our landing pages are not built by developers or designers instead they are built by the best in class marketing experts. Starting from the copy of the landing pages to where the CTA buttons need to be everything is planned by our marketing experts. It is then implemented by our creative copywriters, designers and developers.

Our experts build multiple high quality landing pages to target different audiences based on your requirements.

Detailed transparent reporting to measure the impact of your ads

We provide complete transparency so that you clearly understand the returns you are getting from your Facebook ads. Our team also helps you understand our campaign strategy, where your customers are coming from and how they’re getting converted.

We keep you in the loop at all times and you are always in control.

Here's how we do it

We keep the cost of the ads low and still manage to show great results

Discovery Call

First off, we get on a call with you and spot and place the kind of business you are and what separates you from the rest. It is important for us to determine where you stand and what your potential is, and how we can skyrocket it.

Understanding Your Customer

Knowing your audience is really important. The kind of ad that you want to run on Facebook might not necessarily be the content that your potential client wants to see on their feed.  After our call, we will set up a team of content writers, developers, marketing strategists and designers that will work together to create the perfect campaign.

Execute A Campaign

Our team of experts will be designing a meticulous strategy to meet all your needs, customize and create ads that will make sense to the business that you’re trying to attract, the people that you are trying to reach; the elusive, perfect customer. We will test different audiences, different creatives to figure out what suits your business the best and make adjustments accordingly.

Monitoring Progress

The ads that we run need to be engaging that people will actually want to interact with, and we will make sure that happens through a combination of statistical analysis and creativity, analysis which we will ensure is easy to read and understand for you, so that you can keep tabs on your own progress. Transparency is vital.

Creating Reports

To further the process of making it easy for you, our experts will create a report based on a set timeframe which will have all the data from the ads that we run in it. It will contain all the essential information that you might need to see your own progress and engagement.

AB Testing and Retargeting

We don’t stop here. We regularly test how the ads are performing by comparing different ad copies and landing pages. The ads that are not doing well, we pause them and create more of those that work. Once we have enough clicks, we run retargeting ads to target the visitors that clicked on the ad but did not get converted. As per stats, chances of converting re-visitors is higher compared to first time visitors.


Facebooks ads are targeted advertisements based on the location, demographic and profile information. They’re designed for audience attention and retention. Facebook is great for a broad, segmented audience.

Depending on your product or service, conversion rate and how much you want to sell, Facebook Ads can cost between $4 and millions. But setting a budget which reaches all your goals reasonably should be paramount before you decide to spend even a dime on them.

Business owners tell us all the time how they tried running ads on their own and ended up losing thousands of dollars. An agency has writers, designers and marketers all under one roof to create the perfect ad campaign. We make the process of reaching your audience and maintaining a stable budget easier for you, and help you with retargeting and conversions.

They’re entirely different entities which serve different purposes. Facebook ads target audiences broadly to determine which one’s best suited for your business, and Google is a more intent based advertising service. Both can be used effectively, it just depends on what you’re going after.

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