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Strategically designed google ads to help you leap over your competitors in searches

  • Careful keyword research
  • Landing page optimization
  • Creative Ad copy
  • Effective Ad budget management
  • Analytics and transparent reporting

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Clever ads that catch the attention of your customers at the moment of intent

Your potential customers go to google when they are looking for your services. They are literally typing the words around your services. That means they have intent. Our clever ads written by our ad specialists catch their attention and push them to take action. That sounds great, right? Does it get any better? Yes, it does.

You only pay for results which means you only pay when they call you or click on your website and not for impressions.

Landing page optimization to make your page more relevant for searches

The reason google is the go to search engine is because people get the best results on google. Google does not compromise on the user’s experience and ensures that the most relevant results come up on top. To the extent that a more relevant ad paying less for a particular search term would be placed above a less relevant ad paying more for that search term.

Our certified ad specialists understand the factors google takes into account for relevancy and make the necessary tweaks to your landing pages to make them more relevant for a particular search. This helps in reducing those ad spends and still keep you on top of those searches.

Effective management of your ad budget to ensure that not a dollar gets wasted

During our initial discussions we understand the costs and margins of your products or services. Based on your budget and margins we determine which keywords need to be targeted and how much we would bid for it.

We run multiple ads for varied keywords searches and keep a close eye on their performance. Ads that are not doing well are paused and the focus moves towards the ads that are doing well. We then create more such ads and ensure that the time and money is not wasted on low performing ads.

Keeping you well informed so that you are always in the driving seat

We don’t measure success by the click through rate on the ads instead we measure it by the traffic that got converted into valuable leads. We believe in complete transparency and show you exactly where your customers are coming from and how they convert.

We provide you with monthly or bi-weekly reports and also educate you on how the whole process works so that you always know what’s working and what’s not. Our reports let you track the impact of the ads.

Want to know how we do it?

Research & Analysis

Every business is unique and has its own set of goals. We understand that and our team invests a serious amount of time understanding and researching your industry, services and products. Before we even start the campaigns we make sure that we know what makes you, you.

We also deep dive into the areas like your current ad strategy and campaigns, your competitor’s ad strategy and campaigns and your target audience. We use different tools to discover high value, low competition keywords to maximize your ROI and minimize your cost per click (CPC).


We assign a dedicated account manager to you who tailors your campaign to meet your goals. The strategy building comprises of audience targeting, keyword targeting, monthly ad budget recommendation, keyword bid recommendation, number of campaigns needed and the landing page recommendations.

This developed strategy is then given to the in-house copywriters and designers who curate the creative assets for the campaign. Once you approve of the creative assets, the ad manager launches the campaign.

Campaign Execution

Once your campaign goes live, your ad manager regularly monitors the campaign. The regular management includes A/B testing of your ad copies, keyword research and keyword selections, management of bids, landing page performance testing and goal conversion tracking.

You receive consultations and check-ins throughout the month.

Transparent Reporting

Transparency is the key to everything we do. You can expect a transparent report from us every month which is easy to understand. It tells you everything starting from which ads performed best to how much ROI you made.

Your ad account manager can also walk you through the report to answer your questions if any.


Google offers PPC ads which appear on its search engine results and search ads which appear on its display network. These can be leveraged by small businesses to generate more leads for their business and in turn generate more revenue.

To learn more about which ads would be best for you, get in touch with us.

To give you a cost, it is first important to understand your goals for the campaign. There is an in-depth industry research involved to understand the ongoing cost per click (CPC) and competition in your industry. Also, how many keywords you want to target and the intensity you want to approach this with is another important factor.

We, of course give you recommendations on what we would be a good budget for a successful campaign and high ROI.

They’re entirely different entities which serve different purposes. Facebook ads target audiences broadly to determine which one’s best suited for your business, and Google is a more intent based advertising service. Both can be used effectively; it just depends on what you’re going after.

Again, it completely depends on your industry, target market and goals. SEO does take time but provides long term results and a strong foundation for your business. Ads on the other hand start producing instant results and can be optimized to reach your ideal customer.

We recommend customers to invest in both in moderation to achieve their goals and long term stability.

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