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Our agency has expertise in creating campaigns on google ads, Bing ads, social media and more. SEO is important for long term growth but sometimes businesses are looking for an immediate push. Paid search can give you that push. Our PPC management campaigns ensure that your ads hit the target audience and generate a high ROI.

What is PPC Advertising ?

PPC or pay per click is an advertising model where the advertiser pays only when a user clicks on their ad and visits their website. It is basically a way of buying traffic and pushing them to your website. Your paid ad is displayed on search engines like Google, Bing etc. Whenever anyone searches for the keywords that you are running your ads on it triggers the PPC ad.

As your digital partner here is everything our PPC management team does for you

Keyword research

We do a thorough keyword research and ensure that the keywords we use hit the target audience. This is the most essential step.

Create effective ads

Our experts create quality content and presentation that is second to none. Our ads convince people to learn more.

Page Optimization

If you already have a very good landing page then a few tweaks from us would do the job. But most of the business owners that come to us have a poor landing page. In such cases we create a new landing page that is designed to sell.

A/B testing

We set up different ads and track real time data of these ads to see what’s working for you. We make adjustments to the content and presentation accordingly.

Remarketing old visitors

As per stats, if the past site visitors come to the website through the ads again they are more likely to get converted this time.

Proof of ROI

We provide you a report at the end of the campaign to show you real time data of how many people clicked on the ads and got converted. We use different tracking tools and generate a report using the same.


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