Ticket Add

Robust Event Management portal built for an event management company based out of UK.

What is Ticket Add?

Ticket Add is a one stop Event Management Platform that let’s event organizers list their events and sell tickets to their customers. It provides them with different options to help boost their sales as well. It gives them a dashboard that has everything in one place such as live events, ticket sales, revenue generated etc.

The Challenge

Shawn Nunes, CEO of Ticket Add, after having spent nearly 10 years in the event management industry came up with an idea to build the perfect event management platform. A platform that had it all and fixed the flaws of all the other popular event management platforms out there. Your Hustler was tasked with building a platform that would help make the life of event organizers easier. We were tasked with building the front end, backend and the databases from scratch.

The Solution

After having a discovery call and working on the initial wireframes with the client our UI/UX team was put to work to build the UI design of the platform. We presented the client with different mock-ups to choose from and based on their selections we finalized one of the designs. The designs were passed on to the development team that built the front end, backend and databases from scratch. The platform has been built on the Laravel framework of PHP. The website was rigorously tested in the development environment and then again in the live environment.

The result is a robust, feature rich and smooth event management platform that has resulted in a great ROI for the client. The client has recovered most of what was invested within the first month of its launch and the focus has now moved to adding more features and maintaining the platform.

Client Review

” We were able to recover what we invested into the website in less than a couple of months. The ROI has been exceptional. The communication tools were prefect, response times were fast, and project management style was always on point. The most impressive thing about this company is their support that has continued even a few months after the project has been completed. They are prompt and stay with you every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them to others. ”

Founder & CEO, Shawn Nunes