Custom web development of a video on-demand platform.

What is TVEMAX TV?

TVEMAX TV is a sports video on demand platform. It offers live football matches, replays, highlights, behind the scenes and TV series exclusively for some of the top football leagues and clubs in the country. Some of the popular names that have partnered with TVEMAX TV are UPSL, California United Strikers FC, Wind city FC etc.

Leonel Lopez is the CEO of TVEMAX TV and has been in the sports industry for almost 30 years.

The Challenge

TVEMAX was working as the production partner for UPSL and some other sports leagues. All of the matches were being live streamed on YouTube for free.  Leonel Lopez, CEO of TVEMAX came up with the idea of building their own platform to monetize the video streaming.

Your Hustler was tasked with building a custom video on demand platform from scratch that had the ability to stream live matches, replays and highlights. Also, we were given a huge list of features that they wanted such as membership functionalities, PPV functionalities etc.

The main challenge was to pick the right video streaming host and platform for the project.

The Solution

We had a discovery call with the client to understand the requirements in detail. Based on the discussions we provided the client with a couple of mock-ups and suggestions on the platform. Once the designs were approved the development team got to work. The front end of the website has been coded in angular and the backend has been coded in PHP. DaCast was used as the video host provider and the iframe code was embedded on the website.

The result is a feature rich video on-demand platform that gives the client the ability to post videos, stream live matches and create different membership plans for its customers.

The UI looks amazing and works more or less like a mobile app on a mobile device.