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SEO Strategy That Gets More Leads to Your Website, Plain and Simple

  • In-depth Competitor Analysis
  • Careful Keyword Research
  • High quality backlinks
  • SEO optimized content
  • Technical SEO
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Let’s understand, why yourbusiness needs SEO?

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start with a search engine

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rely on search engines

The stats definitely do not lie, when your prospects go on the internet to look for your services they begin with google or some other search engine. As your digital partner, our sole aim is to make sure that they find you – not your competitors. The competition out there on the first page results is tight and that makes SEO so vital for your business.

SEO strategy that is guaranteed to help your business dominate the search results for years

Every business is different and having the same strategy for every business does not make sense. We learn everything we can about your business and then build a custom SEO strategy for you.

It is true that SEO is not something that will show impact over night but if it is done right it can last for years. We do extensive research and then build a strategy that would help you dominate the top keywords for your industry for years.

Leverage search marketing to bring in the best quality leads at lower acquisition costs

The first thing business owners want to know when considering any sort of marketing is the ROI that they will be getting. Usually they get tempted towards paid marketing as it shows instant impact and they seem to move away from SEO thinking it would be a big investment.

What they do not know is that SEO is actually the cheapest and has the lowest cost per lead in the long run. Yes, it does take some time to get you there but the rewards are amazing. In a recent survey conducted by Search Engine Journal, 49% of the marketers reported that organic search has the best ROI of any marketing channel. Also, they are the best quality leads as the leads you get through SEO were actually looking for these services when they found you.

This is how we bring moreleads to your website

Keyword research and strategy

We take a keyword wish list from you and then do a research on your competitors. We select the keywords that make the most sense to your industry and business.

SEO- Friendly Content

From your webpages to your blog, we publish content that is keyword-rich, Search optimized and loved by the search engine and users alike.

Technical SEO

The reason you do not see your website on search engines is probably because you have on-page issues. Our SEO experts take care of the backend technicalities to ensure that your webpages can be easily crawled and indexed.

Link Building

You have probably heard of backlinks before as something that pulls more traffic and ranks but what you do not know is that not all backlinks are the same. Our team generates quality backlinks from high authority websites that builds your domain authority.

Page Speed

If your website is not fast enough a visitor might leave in the first 5 seconds. Google ranks faster websites higher. We make some tweaks and ensure that your website has an optimum loading speed.

Our SEO Process

Analyze. Strategize. Execute. Adjust

Discovery & Research

We set up a discovery call with you. On this call we learn about your business in detail and what your audience looks like. You provide us with a keyword wish list based on what you think your customers might search for when they are looking for your services. Our team then performs their own research for your industry.

Competitor Analysis & Strategy Building

Once we clearly understand what your average customer looks like. Our team conducts a competitor research where we analyze how much competition there is for keywords related to your business. We use the keyword wish list provided by you and create a new list of keywords that have a big volume and less competition. We then create a custom strategy for the next few months on how we will get you on top for those keywords.


After finalizing on the keywords, our team optimizes the website and the blog for those keywords. There is a lot work that we do behind the scenes – Posting on-page articles, optimizing the URL, meta title, meta descriptions, creating high quality backlinks, blog posting, business listing etc. to get you on top for those keywords. We do this consistently for a few months to get you on top.

Reporting & Adjustment

We believe in transparent reporting. You will receive a detailed report every month that mentions each and everything we did during that month. You will also be able to track it throughout from the analytics dashboard to see where you rank and how much traffic your website is pulling. We timely adjust the content on the pages as well if needed.


SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website in a certain way to get traffic on your website from organic or free search results on search engines like Google. Once your website is optimized it will start finding its way to the top of search engine results pages (SERPS). Also, your customers will find you easily.

Google has its own algorithm that it uses to rank websites on its search engine. It uses a search crawler which is basically a bot that crawls your website and stores information for search engine to index. To rank websites google takes into account almost 200 factors.

Our experts optimize your website keeping these factors in mind and slowly help your website become more authoritative on the internet.

SEO does not show impact overnight. It does take some time before you see any impact but within 90 days you can see a considerable change in traffic. It gradually increases from there and the impact completely depends on the intensity you choose to go with.

It depends a lot on the industry you are in, the size of your business and the maturity of your business.

The cost completely depends upon the amount of work needed to achieve your goals. It also depends upon the intensity you choose to go with and the number of keyword phrases you want to target.

Our experts can help create a custom plan for you after understanding your requirements.

It is always recommended to use both SEO and paid advertising together to position your brand better on the internet and to boost your authority. SEO takes some time to show impact but the rewards are huge and sustainable. Paid ads show instant impact but once you stop running them then the traffic goes away. SEO has a better ROI in the long run.

There are certain practices that some agencies use which google considers unethical. These are called black hat SEO practices. Such agencies claim that they will get you on top right away but that never really happens and they end up hurting your domains score on google.

Sometimes it can even lead to your domain being blacklisted. So you need to be careful when choosing the right agency.

Keywords are search terms that your customers enter on google when they are looking for your services. For eg : for a law firm, one of the keywords can be ‘’law firm in San Francisco’’ Our experts perform extensive keyword research to find the right keywords that are most relevant to your business. Your website is then optimized using these keywords.

Backlinks are links from other domains that are linked back to the pages on your domain. These links are very important in SEO as they basically tell google that there are other domains that are vouching for you and it builds trust with google.

Technical SEO means improving the technical parts of the website so that google’s web crawler can easily crawl and index it. These technical aspects include – making the website fast, creating a great internal linking structure, removing dead links, removing duplicate content, submitting an XML sitemap etc.

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